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Photo by KbarM Photography

*Renegait Bayou Prince

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2007 Full American Bashkir Curly Horse. 1/2 Missouri Fox Trotter.

Prince is solidly built. He is very curly, and his black and white coat has an attractive combination of tobiano and sabino pinto markings. We expect him to mature at about 14.2 hh.

Even when he is larger than his pasture-mates, Prince is very docile, and not at all dominant. He just completed his ground work with our professional trainer and will halter, lead, load, tie, and stand for the farrier and for grooming.

He has been introduced to the saddle and will be ready for light saddle training in the spring.

His DNA, as well as that of his parents, Renegait Bleu Bayou and DCC Cheyenne Princess, is on file with UC Davis. Prince is eligible for full registration with the American Bashkir Curly Registry. He has two grandparents who are double registered as both American Bashkir Curly Horse and Missouri Fox Trotter. Prince goes back to well known MFT stallions, such as Danny Joe W, Mr. President, and of course, *Walker's Prince T. He also goes back to *Peter Paint.

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